Sunday, July 13, 2008

Melbourne musings

I want to start this post with a clear disclaimer.

I have been in Melbourne just 24 hours and the next day and a half until I fly home to Sydney I am in meetings, so I have seen very little of Melbourne. Perhaps more importantly I don't know anyone in this town so was missing those little tips that locals can give you (of which I have had many in Sydney). I also kept to the centre of town today and know very well that that is rarely the best bit of any city.

However, that said, I wanted to record my thoughts on the city, because after 7 hours pacing the centre of town I do have some.

Those thoughts can be generally catagorised under the heading; Confused.
Everyone I have spoken to loves Melbourne. Many prefer it to Sydney. At the moment I do not. Here are some bullet point thoughts:
- Its colder here than Sydney
- I can't work out the personality of the place - its a bit like Earls Court meets the Centre Pompidou
- Bill Bryson is right, for some unknown reason cars turning right hang out on the far left of the road until after the lights have changed then cut across all the lanes to reach their destination. Just odd
- There aren't many cafes. I was told Melbourne was all about the cafe, but (at least in the centre of town) it ain't
- You do know you're in Australia because, like Sydney, skateboarders zoom across any surface less than 3 feet high
- Its big plus over Sydney is the length of time the green man shows... in Sydney you have about 4 seconds of green man before he turns red and starts flashing rudely
- Because the bulk of the city is built around the river it all just feels a bit like London

And I think that last bullet point sums it up for me. I don't dislike like Melbourne. I have had a good day and certainly plan to come back to see more (I know it's there, its just hiding). But after today I can't find a *use* for Melbourne. If you already have London, and Sydney, and Paris... whats it FOR?

I hope any Victorians reading don't take too much offence. I am really want to like Melbourne, but think I just need some help with this one.


Melissa said...





... you didnt check out ramsay st?

Emily Wearmouth said...

Not this time no, but next time definitely. Maybe its Ramsey street that holds the secret...

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