Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This is an important and urgent appeal....

I am lead to understand that the new series of Spooks started this week on the Beeb. YOU CAN'T BEGIN TO IMAGINE HOW MUCH I WANT TO SEE THIS!!!

Please please please *don't* post any spoilers (Did he kill her? Didn't he??? I wanna see it!!!) but can anyone burn the series to DVD and post it to me in the Land Down Under?

I am struggling to survive without BBC iPlayer and you can't watch it abroad...!!

Actually a note to the Beeb; have you considered selling overseas TV licences to ex-pats and travelling business people? Password controlled access to content abroad?


James said...

Nope not yet :-( What started this week was 'Spooks: Code 9'. Which is essentially a teen version of Spooks set in 2013 after a rather bad Olympics. So far there has been nothing good said about it - great concept delivered in a far too 'new bbc' style. Did I mention it's on BBC3? Probably sums it up entirely...

Season 7 starts in September all being well :-)
You could try watching iPlayer via a proxy perhaps?

Melissa said...

I watched the first episode of code 9 with my mum.

we both agreed it was pants. smacks of a cbbc drama but put on later cos of the violence. spy kids in london. pish.

you ent missing owt!

Rob Nicholls said...

You're not missing out. I love Spooks, so I gave the first episode a chance, but I found it painful to watch and gave up (it's not apparently getting any better).

An attack in London has moved the country's power base up north - in reality that's just an excuse to film where it's cheaper - and wiped out practically everyone over the age of 30. The young cast's acting was often wooden and the storyline in the first episode was fairly predictable.

If you like CBBC or shows like Hollyoaks then you might like Code 9, but I wouldn't bother watching it. Roll on Spooks!

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