Thursday, August 14, 2008

Breaking the Olympic vow of silence

I wasn't going to blog about the Olympics. It was a casual decision I came to because I don't really care about it, I am not a fan of the location decision... and we never do very well (something which I was aware was going to be harder to deal with while surrounded by victorious aussies).

But taking a lunchtime stroll through BBC online just now I stumbled upon this story about the opening ceremony.

It seems that the angelic voiced seven year old who was chosen to sing in the ceremony was not deemed pretty enough to stand in front of the world and do her thing. She sang, a "prettier" girl stood there in the nice red dress, beaming at the crowd, lipsycning over the tape.

I have managed to keep quiet about a lot of the nonsense coming out of Beijing, but this really got my goat. If you are looking for the best singer, pick the best singer. Let them get on stage, and sing.

But most of all.... how *dare* you label a seven year old girl as not pretty? The musical director said "The reason for this is that we must put our country's interest first". This little girl is beautiful, with the best voice in China (according to them) and I just hope this doesn't impact her self confidence.


Almost a Lady said...

I agree. They should have done what our glorious leaders doubtless would and just picked the less good singer in the first place ;)

Em's mum said...

In view of almost a lady's comment - do I stand a chance of singing at the London Olympics? I'm not beautiful and I can't sing either.

Emily Wearmouth said...

No mum, i think you fall down on the whole being seven years old thing.

And Almostalady... you cynic. We would have picked a chavy girl who could sing, not the less good singer just because she is pretty.

I don't think British people appreciate beauty anymore... they seem to like track suits with words across the bottom and Croydon facelift hairdos.

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