Saturday, August 02, 2008

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

Despite having moved half way around the world (if I had moved the whole way I would be tucked up in my own bed right now) I am not prepared to let my book club have all the fun without me.

I am reading along with the book choices each month and submitting my review by email. I am also keeping up with the rather surreal email exchanges so all I am missing out on is the many opportunities to quaff vino with Boo folks.

Anyway I thought it would be fun to blog each book review too, so here is the first. The book was Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep by Phillip K Dick... the book that the film Blade Runner is based upon.

"Wow, who knew sci-fi could make good literature!? Now of course I have something else to hide from prospective husbands... Emily kinda likes sci-fi books. So as the first sci-fi book I have read, this one had quite a challenge. It was single handedly responsible for trying to change my mind about an entire genre. At first I was rather lost trying to find my way in a made up universe; what he hell is an empathy box? But actually it showed how talented a writer he is/was that I got into his world so quickly. I expected that any book so geekily titled would be lacking in characterisation, but it wasn't at all. I liked the chickenhead dude. I even liked Rachel. The wife was a bit of a waste of ink though. Loved the little insider sci-fi jokes - it being a real cat dying and New New York... he he! So, what didn't I like? Although I wanted him to beat the 6 androids and I was definitely ready for the book to wind down by that point it all seemed to close a bit abruptly. And the whole Mercer-hill-climbing-and-its-reveal-as-a-fake was a bit crass. There was definitely some interesting emotion in there (how do you deal with shit like fancying an android, and being trained to kill her as a murderous robot, but quite liking her pithy conversation?) but just as a personal choice I like books with some female emotional understanding. That said, I hate male authors who attempt to depict women they blatantly don't understand. Old Dickie got around that by having only two female roles; one an emotionally retarded depressive and one an android - whose model appears 3 or 4 times. I can't remember what I scored the other books but on a clean slate would give this around a 6? (I reserve the right to change this when I check the table of my old scores from The Original Andrew Green). Thumbs up from me!"


cardinalsin said...

Huzzah! Liking sci-fi puts you just one or two steps from the Weirdy Woods(TM) you know.

Emily Wearmouth said...

Argh I know! Almostalady is having a bad influence on me!!

Felicity said...

I am looking forward to your review of Treasure Island more than I can say!

Yo ho ho, bottle of rum etc.

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