Friday, August 08, 2008

Karma - the game

On my way into work today I watched a dude (lets call him Dude1) unloading boxes from a van. The boxes toppled off his little trolley thing and into the road. A car was approaching the boxes and they needed moving swiftly. Up steps another dude (predictably, Dude2). Dude2 has his iPod earphones in but sprints across the road, picks up half the boxes helping Dude1 (all with his earphones still in so no communication was exchanged between the Dudes) and then in a smooth motion sprints back across the road to continue his trip to work.

Heading down the hill and watching this all unfold in front of me in a matter of about 15 seconds, all I thought was "that man clocked up some good karma points there". Which, in turn, made me imagine a little counter hovering above his head, clocking up a couple of extra points. Which, in my *special* mind, led to thoughts of what the world would be like if we all had these counters over our head.

Imagine a mugger running up to his victim and in the act of a bag snatch his karmic counter hits 0. Maybe his victim gets all his banked points added on to her counter hovering over her head? In my imagination it all resembled a T-Mobile advert somehow (sorry to all the aussies reading this who haven't seen a T-Mobile advert).

Would we all be nicer to one another if our Karmic counter was visible? Would we wake up and check above our heads and think; "better make the team coffee this morning"?

Here is a detailed and complex graphic representation of my thoughts....


Anonymous said...

Can you get a negaive score for doing bad things? It could be the deciding factor for entrance to heaven or hell in the event of a tiebreak.

Em's mum said...

Anonymous was actually Em's mum, who is suffering from insomnia in a big way. I just forgot to put my name on it.

Almost a Lady said...

Your post has made my day. Karma points to you my friend.

Emily Wearmouth said...

Mum I think the counters can definitey hit minus numbers - if you have no karmic points to trade in on you go into the red.

And Almostalady - glad to oblige :-)

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