Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No come back...

My last post lamented a Scottish minister's attempts to weaken Team GB and the amazing sentiment sweeping Brits all over the world following the Olympics by calling for Scotland to compete as a separate team in 2012.

I had even more cause to bemoan him today.

Yesterday The Sun sent a lorry round Sydney asking the Aussies "Where The Bloody Hell Were You?" - poking fun out of their "Where The Bloody Hell Are You?" tourism adverts and illustrating how many more golds we got than team "Green and Gold". Today the Aussies responded with their own truck, saying "Where the bloody hell were we? Above you in the medal table" and pointing at Australia's 14 golds - ahead of England's 13.

They miss the point - big time (I wonder how well New South Wales scores by itself), but you can't critise them when they are only making use of nonsense stirred up on our own fair shores.

Just annoyed me, thats all.

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pollyemj said...

I concur! Typical stupid Daily Telegraph stunt...

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