Monday, August 11, 2008

Piece of home?

I had a meeting in North Sydney this afternoon so at 3.30pm I headed straight back to my flat to do the last hour or so from home. On route, I spotted that the British Shop was open and so popped in to peruse.

It's startling to realise what things people miss from home. Pot Noodle occupied half a shelf. As did Heinz puddings (the ones that come in a tin; chocolate sponge, treacle pudding etc). Heinz actually had a very good shelf share, including cream of tomato soup.

It made me stop and think about the things I have missed since coming out here;

1) Real cadburys chocolate. Not the fake stuff they sell out here that is so riddled with anti-melt ingredients that it, well, doesn't melt. In your handbag... on your tongue.... nothing. Its just not the real thing

2) Heinz cream of chicken soup. They think they sell it -ask any aussie - but they don't. Trust me. I have looked. So my friend Katie brought some out with her from the UK last weekend (which was rather good of her considering she only had one backpack)

3) I confess I *would* have missed marmite, but I brought some with me AND found it in my local supermarket. Nice

So what did I buy in the British Shop?

A walnut whip, a packet of Quavers and a CurlyWurly.



liz said...

if it was to scale that would be one heck of a walnut whip!

mum said...

Do you miss 99s? liz and I had a 99 each at the park today. Phoebe likes them too. Too bad ou couldn't have one.Just a thought - do they call them 66s down-under?

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