Monday, August 18, 2008


I quite fancy going on a proper wine tasting course.

Until about 6 months ago my wine taste was... what's the right word.... elemental. I didn't have bad taste - I fully appreciated a good bottle, but I tended to favour familiarity and my ability to understand what I was drinking was limited.

Somehow in the last 6 months my tastes have, out of the blue, developed.

In the last couple of weeks alone I have uttered the following sentences:

"Yes Bridie, definitely cranberry in there, but something more... dark chocolate coated cranberry" (describing a desert wine)

"Thats a lovely light red, I can taste cloves - wow!" (followed by vineyard owner saying "yes, it says cloves on the label" then checking, and realising it doesn't, and noting that they should change it)

"I believe there is a shortage of Pinot Grigio in Australia because the winemakers favour the Pinot Gris Alsace style which is too sweet for many" (affirmative response from man in nice wine shop)

"Chardonnay is just far too powerful for me - I get tired of Australian winemakers' dependence on oak for flavour, particularly new oak"

And possibly my favourite:
"I find Australian winemakers favour blends - and think I prefer the simplicity of European flavours"

I always close with the compulsory modest:

"I know very little about wine, but I know what I like"

Have I become a pompous wine fraud?


Anonymous said...

One week ago, I said to Sue (as we were choosing a bottle of wine in Sainsburys):
"I don't see the point in buying a nice bottle of expensive wine if we're just going to use it to get pissed."
I went on a wine tasting course once, it was fun. I discovered at the end of it that I like Chablis and Rioja. But generally I just stick to good old faithful Pinot Grigio!
Caroline x

Anonymous said...

Yes - you are officially a wine ponce Miss W. Come back to the UK and get dis-educated.

Or failing that, send us some recommendations!


Emily Wearmouth said...

I can't send recommendations Andrew because I only drink Australian wine out here, and only European wine back home. Carbon footprint you see...

Can't possibly encourage you to import from so far - the guilt would make the wine taste bad.

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