Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Canberra Times

Big news. I have decided upon my newspaper of choice in Australia.

This might seem like a minor decision, I live in NSW so there are only a few to choose from (while there are a few national papers, Australian newspapers tend to be city or state focussed, like in the US).

Regional papers here (unlike the UK) are owned by people with money (News Ltd or Fairfax) and cover national stories, genuinely interesting local news (because, unlike counties in the UK, state governments actually have a lot of power) and some international stuff.

As a PR agency, we get all the papers from across Australia into the office each day, and my friendly colleague Kat goes round handing them out so we all make sure we read at least one. Since my arrival, Kat has made sure to give me a good mix of papers so I get the hang of them all; the Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian, The Courier Mail, The Brisbane Times...

I quite like the Courier Mail, but today I chose my favourite.

The Canberra Times.

Now Canberra is famous for being boring. The capital city in a specially carved out territory, famous for having no nightlife, no good restaurants and a disproportionate number of politians per capita.

But don't let that put you off.

The Canberra Times is essentially like reading The Times (of London) newspaper. It even has a Times 2 section with nice features to mull over while you eat your lunch. Its got a larger than normal world news section and makes me feel a little more part of the big wide world of a morning.

So while I will keep a bit of variation in my media diet to ensure I stay familiar with all the papers, the day I get the Canberra Times will be my favourite.


Emma said...

i may be wrong here... but for some reason im almost 100% sure that canberra is famous for having more porn shops than anywhere else? (not sure that anywhere else is in oz or the *world*.. but hey)

i pick that little factoid up when i spent one night in canberra en route to somewhere else...

Emily Wearmouth said...

That's a fabulous factoid!!

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