Monday, September 15, 2008

How clean is your house?

Today I emailed the property manager for my lovely new flat, having successfully moved in on the weekend (thanks Polly for the help!)

The email was to say that the move had gone well, but that the flat had not been professionally cleaned as we had discussed. In fact in places (the bathroom drawers for example) it was downright disgusting. There was a not inconsiderable list of dirty things, broken items (the large TV...) and the like, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered letting them know.

I wanted them to get someone around to clean it, because I hate even cleaning my own charcoaled food off the oven and I am damned if I will do someone else's.

But my delightful new property manager said (or tried to, but seemed to miss half the words out):

"No, it has been cleaned by our usual cleaners"

I replied:

"No it hasn't, or at least not properly. Do you want to come and look this evening?"

To which she replied (and I *love* this!):

"I can't, I am going to a tribunal this afternoon (!!!) And it has been cleaned"

So tonight, darling property manager... here is the evidence.... Now trust me, you don't get rid of me that easily. Expect my email with the evidence tomorrow morning. And call your cleaner again....


Cathy said...

Despite cleaning-gate, congrats on your new home. Hope you have wine-fuelled-drunken-dancing-brilliant times there.

Felicity said...

Oh. My. God. Those pictures are beyond vile. Do you want me to come over with my Marigolds and a gallon of Fairy power spray?

Emily Wearmouth said...

No need!
The cleaners came back today because I won my battle. I now have a very sparkly clean oven... but it still doesn't seem to work.
Oh well, if I can't get it working at least I won't have to clean it at the end of the tenancy! :-)

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