Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Long time gone?

I have been in Australia for nearly five months.

Three of those months were officially winter. For the last month and 22 days we have been in spring.

But this morning I realised I am thoroughly spoilt on this side of the world.

Because this morning when I woke up I spotted that it was raining. Heavy rain. And a general greyness was seeping around the blinds, rather than the usual crisp and clean morning sunshine.

As I lay in bed I thought to myself "urgh, what a horrid day. I don't want to get up. What if I get wet?"

And then I wondered for a long while how on earth I *ever* got out of bed in the UK, when this scene greeted me every single morning?

I may have already been in Oz too long to cope back in what I like to call The Real World.


Em's mum said...

The Real World of Blighty isn't always grey and raining. Really it isn't. Don't fall in love with Australia, I want you back!
Lovely things are happening here too- Lucy looks great in her school uniform, Molly is walking, and Phoebe has teeth!!!! (Well one and a bit)

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it - you go off to OZ and then moan about our fantastic weather - Autumn is great, very little rain this month (a bit recently) and the colours this year are fantastic.

By the way how is the old penal colony!!

Seroiusly hope you are having a great time and your trip to NZ goes well.


Emily Wearmouth said...

The old penal colony is fabulous! It does intruige me that we punished people by sending them to a land which 150 years later would become one of the most highly sought after immigration spots due to stunning beaches, strong employment, amazing weather.. blah blah.

See you at Christmas with my healthy tan ;-)

sideways (slight return) said...

hmm snow - remember that? it was -5 here the other night. Bit of rain. Emily you are a wimp!

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