Friday, October 10, 2008

Sex, drugs and PR?

I have to tell you dear reader, I am disappointed.

A few weeks back I got an email from B&T, the marketing industry's trade rag Down Under. It asked me (very nicely) to take 10 mins to complete their annual questionnaire to establish the health of the marketing industry.

That sounds like it would be rather interesting, I thought, and duly contributed. There were all sorts of questions about whether we eat well, what hours we work... all sorts really.

Anyway, this week B&T launched its new format with the results of the survey as its cover story.

In I ploughed, intruiged to know whether my extra special relationship with biscuits is unique in my industry. But I stopped abruptly.

From all the questions that they asked, what resulted was a six page article endlessly paying out PR, marketing and ad folks for drinking and doing drugs. What a tired tired story. What a hackneyed stereotype. It's yawns-ville with pie charts.

I haven't really read it, I'll be honest. I found it so irrelevant to my experience of the industry that I can't be bothered. But from what I did skim, what riled the most was that the numbers don't even support their headlines.

Asked; have you ever used recreational drugs at work or work related events? everyone said no.

PR agencies - 91% no
Media sales - 91% no
Marketing - 94% no
Media agencies - 84% no
Ad agencies - 73% no

Personally I find work tests my brain quite enough without having to try to think under the influence of something someone created in a lab, but I appreciate that might be a little angelic compared to others in my industry.

However, considering that agencies are typically a young demographic, I don't think these numbers are that far off the results you would get if you stood outside Martin Place or Town Hall stations in the morning and asked a random sample of people.

Move on B&T... find another story. Our industry is high pressured. It demands a lot of energy and constant creativity at the same time as long hours, tight deadlines and ambitious financial targets. We have all left work at 8pm and edged straight to the nearest bar for a strong drink on many occasion.

But lets leave behind the discussions that stereotyped us in the 80s. What I wanna know is... how many biscuits do most people need to get through the afternoon???

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Melissa said...

you need biscuits just in the afternoon? lucky you! :-)

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