Sunday, October 26, 2008

Three for three

Big Tim Bond tagged me in a meme a while ago and because I have been rather busy I have rudely ignored the tag until now. Soz Tim!

It is all particularly remiss because the meme is about Top 3s. My old skool hardcore followers will possibly know that when I started TOE I also started another blog.... Top3, in which I listed my top 3 of a lot of things (sandwiches, people you shouldn't fancy but do... etc).

So its now a Sunday night, and having spent the whole day brunching and pinking slightly at Bondi beach I am finally going to answer him. Then if my big sister doesn't turn up for our Skype date I shall take myself off to bed. All this fresh air can exhaust a girl!

Top 3 non-work related websites:

BBC website: when living away from the UK the occasional flick onto BBC news keeps you nicely abreast of the panic of the day back home.

Google: Almost seems like its not even a website anymore, but it is, and about 96% of my unique web activity starts there. I go to the Oz one these days, of course!

ANZ: who can survive without online banking these days??

Top 3 karaoke songs:

I don't do karaoke, because I can't sing. Nor do I particularly like listening to other people who can't sing. However, I do sing in my car (and Polly's and Elle's, as they will both atest) so here are my top 3 car sing-songs:

1) Spandau Ballet - GOLD! (gold...)
2) Billy Joel - We didn't start the fire
3) Kim thingymebob - Bette Davis Eyes

Top 3 cocktails:

Ah now this is much more my area of specialism:

1) Classic cosmopolitan
2) Mojito
3) Lime Daquari

Actually, generally just the cosmo keeps me happy.


Sue M said...

You may not sing at Karaoke, but you do sing on the train...who could forget our quasi-silent rendition of footlosse on the FCC servie to Letchworth??

Emily Wearmouth said...

Ah yes... so I do. I thought it was rather good!

Felicity said...

I haven't been able to drink a cosmo since The Night of Five Cosmos, when it inexplicably took me forty minutes to get from the train station to my house. And I spent the forty eight hours that followed cradling my head in my hands and vowing never to drink again, while you sent chipper text messages about how much you were achieving at work.
Am surprised that A Little Respect is nowhere to be found on your singalong list?

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