Monday, October 20, 2008

A weekend in the country

Those who know me will know that my penchant for cosmopolitans and shoes is really just a cover-up. It conceals my natural inclination to don wellington boots at every opportunity and convene a little too closely with nature.

So this weekend's road trip to Bathurst (or somewhere near it, or something) was quite a treat. I am still vague on the location exactly, but I know Bathurst is the nearest town, even though Eggo (typically o-ended aussie shortening for something) is a village that is nearer. Or a suburb. Or something.

Anyway. I spent the weekend on my pal Polly's farm. And it was FABULOUS fun. I learnt lots of things....

1) How to drive a quad bike
2) How to catch a sheep
3) Numerous variations on how to hold said sheep to stop it getting away again
4) What a GINORMOUS huntsman spider looks like
5) A handy way to kill said spider
6) That ricotta pancakes are lovely
7) That I am equally fond of sticky date pudding
8) That Australia has a palm tree thing which only flowers once it has been chargrilled in a forest fire
9) That there are numerous varieties of ute
10) That kangaroos are not (as I have long suspected) a mythical beast!!!

So you see all in all its been a rather good weekend.

Feeling slightly out of place at my desk today, armed with a mobile phone with reception.

Pol, take me back to the farm, please?

1 comment:

cardinalsin said...

Tsk. One more sheep and you could have done the YM(S?)CA.

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