Thursday, November 20, 2008

Braverer and braverer

Last night, as I arrived home from the CBS Interactive christmas party (which was jolly good fun) I headed to the bathroom to clean my teeth.

As I reached for my toothbrush a visitor put in an appearance on the tiles above, before scurrying back behind the mirror. That visitor was my first cockroach in Bellevue Hill. I *hate* cockroaches.

I didn't scream (my fear was probably partly muffled by my booze intake) but resolutely set off in search of a trainer (jogger to you aussies). I moved everything breakable off the sink surround in preparation for the battle that would inevitably ensue, then slowly slowly took the mirror off the wall.

Then ACTION! I started slapping the wall with my shoe, seemingly at random, but in fact just a girly attempt at aiming. It was all reminiscent of the axe scene in Titanic as the roach evaded my swipes and made a bee-line (roach-line?) for my shower. Oh no you don't, I summised, and leapt into the shower cubicle in a single bound.

One fabulously aimed whack later and half a cockroach was to be found on the bottom of my shoe while the other half has created a charming paint effect on the wall. I wiped the shoe with my frog-covered recycled loo roll and took myself off to bed.

How brave am I?


Em's mum said...

You are sooo brave Emily!!! I am very proud of you.
Please check your luggage for stowaways when you come home.

Felicity said...

You actually killed a cockroach? Have a gold star! Now I feel feeble for collecting (non bitey, Letchworth bred) spiders under pint glasses round the house and waiting for visitors to throw them all away for me. But not feeble enough to dispose of them myself yet.
If cockroaches can be disposed of with a shoe, should I believe anyone who tells me they are the only creatures who will survive a nuclear bomb? Bombs generally being more destructive than shoes, I mean.

saradarby said...

Well done for disposing your cockroach, although, just a little tip. It is better to spray them as some cockraoches are mums-to-be and if you splat them with your shoe, the eggs they are carrying inside them distribute themselves around the room and you then have more cockroahes to deal with next time. Hope you are having fun in Oz and enjoying the summer :-)

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