Friday, November 07, 2008

Grass is greener

I had a realisation yesterday. I was sitting at my desk, still slightly immersed in post-holiday blues and I beginning to pine for home a little.

A few Facebook photos from home and random stranger-who-looks-like-a-friend-thousands-of-miles-away double-takes too many (plus perhaps the fact that the North Island of New Zealand looks a bit like Yorkshire on speed) had conspired to make Happy Em slightly home sick.

It was nothing crippling you understand, and its mild nature made me ponder on the reasons for it.

And I have sussed it. I am not home sick so much as chronically fickle.

When I was bored, tired or fidgety back home I would sit in front of my laptop and Google in search of opportunities to build a school in Ghana, travel South East Asia or (heaven forbid) move to Sydney.

Now when I suffer from the same boredtiredfidigetyitis I mull over how perfect my life in the LGC was.

My cute little back garden and latest DIY project. Tuesday night swimming and gossips with Felicity and Hils. Thick silk curtains keeping the cold out on snowy days or lazy saturdays watching bumble bees potter up and down my flower beds. Nipping to the parentals in search of a chocolate biccy, or to Melissa and Os's for pudding. My trusty Corsa (which I now have to refer to as a Barina) venturing all the way to Sainsburys and back, and running into friends and acquaintences the minute I stepped from the house.

But in Sydney I can paint an equally blissful picture:

Waking up to sunshine streaming through the blinds and heading down to Bondi beach to see some friends. Drinking fruit smoothies and pretending they are good for me. Picking up my favourite shoes from the best shoe repair man in the world on the way back from a thai lunch at Sweeneys with Bridie or Polly. Walking around the corner to Erin and Ryans for a cold beer on their balcony with a (very small) view of the harbour. Making a new friend every Tuesday at Fringe Trivia - and winning drinks vouchers and Freddos into the bargain.

Its not better or worse you see. It's just different. And to someone like me that makes it appealing enough.


Felicity said...

Tis true-and you have managed to make me jealous of sunshiny Sydney when you know I am a winter person truly ;)

Melissa said...

well, nothing can be better than os' puddings.... x

Emily Wearmouth said...

True. Is he making a special pudding buffet in preparation for my return?

He is, afterall, the only person who has managed to convince me trifle can be a supreme dish and is not just a heap of nasty leftovers.

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