Thursday, November 27, 2008

Life's not too short...

.... to stuff a mushroom. Or so it seems.

Since washing up on these foreign shores I have lost my cooking flare. It has happened occasionally in the past and I just blamed it on the sunshine, the beach...

Perhaps more likely was the fact that I was pining for my culinary kit... salad spinner, beautiful garlic crusher, clever nutmeg grater, lovely knives....

I still miss all my stuff (I am convinced my new garlic crusher is going to break any day), but I think I have cracked it.

At the weekend, driven by home sickness, I downloaded a load of BBC radio podcasts. This is some confession because I am not talking Radio 1. Oh no. It started with Terry Wogan, Chris Evans and Steve Wright and descended swiftly from Radio 2 to 4.

For the last few days I have been merrily listening my way through Thinking Allowed, You and Yours, On The Move, Choice, Melvyn Bragg and (my all time favourite) Woman's Hour.

In direct correlation you find my dinners.... lasagne, a prawn and avocado and couscous creation and today an entire stuffed mushroom (aubergine, tomato, bacon, garlic, spinach, pine nuts and cheese... mmmm).

So it seems Radio 4 makes me cook. And of course it makes me cleverer.

I think I may be edging nearer to middle age again.... definitely time to go to a fancy dress party and get drunk. I shall update you on that on Sunday!


Em's mum said...

Radio 4! Womans Hour!! It will be the Archers before you know it.
Emily - you are your mother!

Emily Wearmouth said...

Woman's Hour is really rather good. This week I listened to a discussion on whether women can have big ideas, whether more children are being born with Downs Syndrome (and if so, why) and whether fat women are more disadvantaged that fat men. Next episode I get to hear how much women are affected by their mother's work ethic.

I have drawn the line at the Archers for now, although used to use that to help me clean the kitchen back home.

I am sure Felicity will chime in shortly as a 20-something Archers fanatic...

Nicole said... should not use a garlic crusher, as it destroys the essences (or essential oils?) of garlic. Better use a sharp knife

And I do believe that fat women are in fact more disadvantaged than fat men.

Emily Wearmouth said...

THat's what the concluded too.

Seems a large man in politics seems powerful, while a large woman looks out of control.

Hey actually if you can get past its excessive Britishness you would enjoy woman's hour Nicole. Download it here:

Felicity said...

How did you know I would be along soon for this one?! Womans Hour makes me want to throw myself off a cliff-too much focus on ovaries for that time of the morning. Start with the Today programme, as the presenters are thrillingly chippy with politicians, and then graduate to The Archers-there is a whole world of anabolic digesters (sp?), Linda Snell pressganging the village into seemingly endless Christmas shows, and the odd mention of current news wedged in to prove it's up to dat(eg. Bert Fry, in a field somewhere, commenting on 'that ther credit crunch') all waiting to be discovered :) I also have a soft spot for the shipping forecast, and a programme called The Last Word, which is about everyone famous who has died in the last week.
If Radio 4 was a man, I would have married it by now.

Shay said...

I've just finished setting up my wife's laptop so she can stream Radio 4 to our home stereo, letting her pretend she's right there live in London (though night is day and day is night).

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