Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The last twelve days have witnessed a disturbing change in Australian men.

It's been a gradual creep, but this morning there was no denying that Sydney is now fully in the grip of a facial hair epidemic. This facial hair is very focused. Its not littering up the chins or spreading the monobrow up and down the beaches.

Oh no. This is the month of the mo. Movember. The month Australians go tash-tastic for a great cause.

It's been slowly building. The odd email asking for sponsorship. A double-glance at a good friend... are they participating or just working too hard?

But this morning I saw a glorious example which left me in no doubt that the fast growers are well on track to a top lip bristling with hair in time for the ceremonial shave on December 1st.

We ladies do our bit in November too. We will have to grin and bear the dirty smears above the lips of Australian men and wish them luck in their endeavours.


Todd said...

I'm trying to do my part. I've always been jealous of how fast some of my friends can grow their facial hair. Of course, they find it annoying that they have to have twice a day if they have an important afternoon meeting. I've gone a week and it looks like afternoon shadow for many.

Emily Wearmouth said...

That's the other thing I love about Movember.

For a month men believe that their manliness is entirely judged at stubble-value.

Its quite entertaining ;-)

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