Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama and bananas

I was going to post this morning about an article in Mx (think Metro, if you live in London) which consisted of a load of people agreeing with me about the antisocial nature of eating bananas on public transport.

But then history was made.

America has elected a guy who seems to be great. He makes a good speech too - I actually got goosebumps and welled up a little watching his acceptance speech.

I am so hopeful that this man is exactly what America (read: The Free World) needs to get a little bit of balance back in our lives. A fresh perspective, and a different one at that. A man who runs the world's most powerful country who has actually *lived* abroad. A man who has tried on two religions for size. A man with the intelligence to decide between what is good policy and what is a vendetta. A modern man for a modern world.

Gosh, I am in danger of becoming pro-American. What is the world coming to?

So I blogged about both of them together in the end. And in so doing I think I chose a truly unique headline for the same post that all the world's bloggers will be writing today.


Nicole said...

...and why is eating bananas in public transport antisocial? I'm really curious :-)

Em's mum said...

For the same reason that unwrapping your egg sandwiches for lunch is anti-social..........lovely to eat, but stinky for everyone else.Also fish and chips smell wonderful when you are hungry, but make you heave if you have just eaten.

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