Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 - Year of changes?

And so we find ourselves, dear reader, ticking through the last day of 2008. My third year of blogging, and my most prevalent.

I am taking it easy today - reading my book in my jimmy jams, heading to Hils' later for a cup of tea and then seeing out the old year with some Boo folks at Claire and Andrew's. All rather relaxing and enjoyable. So in a brief interlude between chapters I thought I would take a minute to flick back through my TOE entries for 2008 to see just what delights the year held (and to add in those I never blogged about).

Well I started off with the post "Welcome to 2008; year of dreams" and expect I was refering to the fact I had made my mind up to talk to the Aussies about potentially heading out there.

I also started pottery class with my sister Liz - an eight week run of much laughter and little talent for pottery.

I seem to have spent the rest of the month on trains.

My favourite work event for the last six years - Mobile World Congress - and I posted pictures of my stressed team, one of whom lost the ability to dress herself. Then we all went to Barcelona, worked hard and played hard.

The Horrible Neighbours moved in. In the middle of the night.

I had one of the best days ever with old uni pal Olly - Borough Market, Vinopolis, pub crawl, dinner, cocktails, dancing, missed the last train. Soooo much fun.

Elle's flats gained a Banksy - inevitably pushing the value of her property investment up a little.

It snowed.

I finally (after two years) got a new door for my spare room... free from the man down the road who was using it as a ramp to his skip.

I told you all that I was moving to Australia!

I attempted to vote intelligently in the local election, but my efforts were largely thwarted.

I packed and sold a lot of my stuff... taking memorial photos...

I had another perfect day

I started saying goodbye to people, got a new boiler fitted, left Hotwire, packed ENDLESSLY then went to the Hay Festival with Boo. Which was fabulous!

I moved to Oz! Then proceeded to spend much of the month noticing things that are different Down Under and calculating the best way to dispose of a range of creepy crawlies.

I started work, bought a painting I love, went to Melbourne, discovered the Flight of the Conchords.

Then I had a helicopter flying lesson (awesome) and got ill for a week - starting on my birthday (not so fab).

My efforts to never drink large carbon footprints with my wine lead me to new discoveries.

I enjoyed team GB's achievements in the Olympics (and their thrashing of the Aussies) tremendously.

I moved to the Eastern Suburbs to become a Bondi babe. Invented a fabulous dish (Queen Beans), and started getting a bit more feminist...

I went to Bathurst and learnt to catch a sheep, saw my first huntsman spider and drove a quadbike. Mucho fun weekend!

Then I went to New Zealand for a rather random weekend with a pal, and had loads of fun there too! October was obviously the month of the Good Weekend.

Watched with tears in my eyes as America elected the Right Man For The Job.
Then the homesickness began in earnest.
I did break the heartache with a spell as Lara Croft and a ride on the back of a motorbike (which was soooo cool).

More feminism, the best secret santa present ever, then a flight back to Ol' Blighty to show me where my heart really lies.

January 2009 will bring a trip to Dubai to catch up with a good friend, then I plan to spend the year doing and seeing EVERYTHING in Australia looking at a possible escape back home next Christmas.

Happy New Year everyone!!


Felicity said...

When you put it like that, it makes me realise how fast the year went!

Grand to see you over the hols, don't forget your sunblock in Dubai...x

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