Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Last week my work laptop died. I was at the scene, but refuse to take the blame.

I have spent the last week re-setting my favourite formats and downloading my useful applications to the new laptop I stole from my new colleague (who hadn't yet started).

The first things I re-installed? Google Toolbar and Twhirl.

Then it slowly dawned on me that I had lost my carefully inputted RSS feeds. All the blogs I like to read (and I had around 100 in there) were gone. A lot of these blogs I have picked up in random places and I don't have a list of them to easily add to a new RSS reader. I have decided to go with Google Reader this time around (I was a FeedReader girl before) because I can log into it from home or work and next time I kill a laptop I won't have to go through this again.

So in trying to add all the blogs back into my reader I have been a little frugal (partly because most of the 100 I never read, and partly because I can't remember many of them!)

So who made the grade? Right now... the following (but please make suggestions of others I may have forgotten or that I may never have know that I might like):

Friends (he doesn't update much, but its worth it when he does) (for Connie's animated ranting) (Elle's life is endless entertainment) (she rarely blogs, but its good to know when she does!)

Randoms (I feel like we have life swapped as she has moved from the Eastern Suburbs to London) (one of the first blogs I started reading and still a favourite)

Work related (not suggesting they aren't also friends...) (in case anyone ever decides to post anything)

Conclusions... the blogs I read regularly are more likely to be friends or interest based than professional. And although I love tech more than PR, it seems the PR bloggers hold my interest better.


K (still for Katy) said...

What about mine? OK OK so I haven't blogged for over a year but you never know when the impulse might strike.

From one geek to another -

and just incase you're missing it yet, the sometimes funny, sometimes just plain bizarre -

Thanks for your list though - I lost a lot of links moving from HW, so can now stock up. x

Emily Wearmouth said...

Ooh I like Open Gardens.

Very sadly London Underground doesn't have a feed so readers can't see it. :-( I hate that.

Melissa said...

ooh, I made the grade. the best xmas present for a lisa simpson alike like me! see you soon petal - great to see you yesterday!


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