Saturday, January 31, 2009


I was out last night with the lovely Polly and Sal, drinking a few cocktails, discussing how much better life is at 27 than it was at, say 22.

Pol said (and I agree entirely) that 21-25 was about working out who you are and 25-27 has been about learning to love that and stop hiding it. It's true. We no longer try to adapt or hide truths to fit in with those around us. We are who we are, but the great thing is, so are the people we meet, which makes everything so much more honest and enjoyable.

Later on in the evening Sal added another great take-away for the night.... Talking about a man who had really annoyed her she said "I told him I'd tear him a new arsehole". My reaction was exactly what you would imagine. I tittered. But aparently its a genuine aussie-ism. You can even shorten it to "I'll tear you a new one". Must use that this week....

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Alex P said...

I might not try that in london, however...

My favourite new saying this week "wargame it out". As in "tp thoroughly test different scenarios".

Biz talk goes mad.

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