Thursday, February 26, 2009

Digesting the day

Last night I couldn't sleep. No, correction, I could sleep and kept having to go to sleep, because I woke up every hour on the hour. ALL the way through the night.

So, I am sure you will agree, that is rather annoying, but it was also really interesting. Because every time I woke up I woke from a dream. So I got to remember (albeit briefly) many more dreams than I would normally if they had been allowed to run their natural course without interruption.

I was particularly intruiged to note that each dream dealt (weirdly) with something that had occured that day.

So one dream was a strange evaluation of a report I have been writing for work.

Another dream was the direct result of a Twitter conversation I had had earlier that evening.

A third seemed at first unrelated to my day, until I realised I had been thinking about the very issue that mornng.

Characters I had spoken to, stories I had been told, places I had discussed... all came together in a particularly strange subconscious melting pot.

So now I will understand better why some mornings I wake up from a full nights sleep feeling like my head only just hit the pillow. My fingers get a break from typing, my eyes get a break from seeing and (except for bin day) my ears rest from hearing... but my brain carries on in its own little world, like a computer on the hibernate setting.

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cardinalsin said...

Ha ha! Dreams are actually just a kind of screensaver.

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