Friday, February 20, 2009

I like, I like, I like

I was watching a video blog I like today, and the theme of one of her posts was things she liked. I appreciated her honesty and the perspective made me smile, so I thought I would do the same on my own blog.

I like people with mischievous eyes
I like my home made lasagnes
I like lie-ins
I like movies
I like taking my shoes off and putting my feet on the dashboard when I am in the front passenger seat of a car
I like wellies
I like getting post, proper post, like postcards and letters (thank you Katy for the postcard!!)
I like yellow, and red, and green and other energetic colours
I like feeling attractive
I like my feet
I like working with people who are great at their job
I like seeing people in love
I like sour sweets and sour cocktails
I like my colleague's ringtone
I like to have personal ethics and morals
I like the French and France
I like pearls
I like Scorpios, for some reason
I like the anticipation of laying a plan and looking forward to it happening
I like board games
I like to be happy and I like being around other people who also like to be happy
I like a bit of a rant
I like it when I am good at what I do
I like hats
I like people who aren't the same as everyone else but are comfortable with themselves
I like old houses
I like the smell of jasmine... and frangipani trees at night or dawn
I like tartare sauce
I like to feel important
I like rivers and lakes and millpond seas
I like the smell of rain on hot pavement
I like to feel special
I like big socks
I like libraries


Cathy said...

Did you forget to mention that you like cosmos? And gin?

@EmVicW said...

I said sour cocktails. I have had too many nasty sweet cosmos recently to make such sweeping generalisations as saying I like them all.

I do like gin though. Oh yes I do.

And I LOVE a good sharp cosmo.

@EmVicW said...

Oh feel the need to add a very important thing I forgot...

I like cleaning my teeth.

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