Thursday, February 12, 2009

Retail confusion

In Australia there is a chain of department stores called David Jones. They are basically identical to John Lewis in the UK.

Their logo is below.

They are an Australian business. But I cannot get over how similar these two businesses are. For a start I think the logos are rather similar.

But also the John Lewis stores in the UK often have different names, and my old local one in Sloane Square was *Peter* Jones.
I am sure there is something behind all this, but don't quite know what. Or whether it matters.


k said...

Yup. You do win the most boring blog award for this post! And the logo's don't work so I can't even figure out whether to agree with you. Pah

Emily Wearmouth said...

I only just spotted you had started blogging again! Bravo!

(note to self, use the word Bravo! more often - it's really rather good).

Anonymous said...

There is no link between John Lewis and this company. John lewis is independent and also a partnership. They do own Waitrose though. Look at the similar logos.

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