Friday, February 13, 2009


2009 is quickly ticking past (can you believe it's the middle of February already??) but I have had a number of conversations lately refering back to New Year's Eve.


Well today's is a case in point. The lovely @Bruff from Gizmodo Australia came to talk to the team and mentioned in passing that he had spent NYE singing along to Singstar, the karaoke game for the Playstation. I noted this in particular because I too spent NYE singing into the console.

I also spent the night before Australia Day doing the same, and during the BBQ/party at least 3 party-goers confessed to having spent their NYE demonstrating their own Singstar talents.

So I have two questions for you, dear reader.

1) Did anyone do anything OTHER than Singstar for NYE and,
2) Is Singstar the new going out?

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Kitty said...

I also spent my NYE attached to the Singstar - it is definitely the new going out. And here's a supplementary question: what is the past tense for Singstar? Is it, 'I Signstarred last night'? Or maybe, 'I Sungstar last night'? Dilemma!

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