Friday, February 06, 2009

Throw another shrimp....

Tonight, dear reader, I take a step ever closer to the remote antipodean specie known as The Australian.

If you thought Australia Day was a step too far for any self respecting Brit (see piccie), think again.

For tonight I shall be hosting my very first Aussie Barbie. A casual post work affair, I reckon there will be abour 12 people, burgers and bangers (I drew the line at Kanga Bangas and shrimps).

Kenny is supplying some very Australian Dry July stubby coolers, but is resolutely saying that as an initiation I must be left entirely alone in charge of the BBQ (sorry, barbie). Apparently his one concession will be to pass stuff through the kitchen window out to the balcony where I shall be cooking.

Everything is ready to go, and I am really excited! My only problem is that I want to make herby bread (family recipe - BBQ essential) but while Sydney is rich with Turkish Bread, Ciabatta and suchlike, I cannot find a good ol' fashioned UNSLICED English bloomer anywhere!

Still, mate, the grog is in the fridge, the sangers are ready for the barbie, the weather is a beaut. She'll be right!
So where the bloody hell are you? (he he!)


Bridie said...

Emily, whilst you have done quite well with the Aussie 'lingo' please note that we do not have "shrimp"... that is american, and even though Paul Hogan said it, in Australia we have "prawns".

Emily Wearmouth said...

Hey I didn't write your tourism adverts!

Oooh I found out this week that Australians clean their 'barbies' with beer. Nice huh? What's wrong with drinking it?

Em's mem said...

Did you make my barbecue sauce? It's not a real BBQ without that. You could use a french stick instead of a bloomer; not quite the same but good enough.

Emily Wearmouth said...

Didnt make BBQ sauce because I dont like it and it is full of onion. Bleurgh.

The herby bread though I made on ciabatta and it was delish!!

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