Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Albums are not a bunch of singles

I have been flat out all morning dear reader. I actually ache from the exertion of all this thinking and mad typing. But I have squeezed 5 minutes in my schedule to write to you because I am annoyed that I have indigestion from having to inhale my lunch and, well, its my life. Oh, and because on the way to work this morning I was surprisingly awake and mulling over good music albums.

Not entirely sure why, but I constructed a pleasing list of three albums which I think are awesome for a very particular reason. An album you see (in my book) is not just a collection of fabulous toooons. Those tunes in time will find themselves broken apart on itunes, mix CDs and greatest hits albums. But a truly masterful album has to be heard in its entirety. It is a bit like a classical thingy (I don't listen to classical music so don't really know what a whole symphony thing of tracks is called in classical stuff, but I know people sit in theatres and listen entranced as it all flows on from each other). Perhaps a bad comparison. Anyway.... Here are my top 3 albums under this criteria. Or top 3 that I thought of on my way to work today. Now I am a little sad that I didn't include Wham! The Final, but four isn't as satisfying a number as three... anyway. What are yours?

Rumours, Fleetwood Mac
Viva La Vida, Coldplay
Reverence, Faithless


Jim said...

Oh Ms Wearmouth, you once again hit the nail with the big hammer. How right you are. Now, if only I could find that old gramophone.

Andrew said...

Loveless - My Bloody Valentine
Steve McQueen - Prefab Sprout
Soul Mining - The The

but ask me tomorrow and I'd probably come up with three different albums.....

expertsleepers said...

If you ask me, all albums should be listened to in their entirety. You have to respect the fact that the artist chose to assemble and present their work as a single item.

Felicity said...

Industrial Silence - Madrugada
Grace - Jeff Buckley
Vapen & Ammunition - Kent

@EmVicW said...

I love that I have never heard of half these albums.

Are you all being deliberately weird and alternative?

expertsleepers said...

If you want to see all the albums I'm currently listening to as whole albums, the easiest way is just to head on over to

Sue said...

Well, I would also pick Steve McQueen, but as Andrew already has that, I will allow myself to chose another...

These are albums where as soon as I hear one song, I want to listen to the next one, in that particular order
Screamadelica - Primal Scream
Stone Roses - Stone Roses
Any Radiohead album

Melissa said...

the great eastern - the delgados
boys for pele - tori amos
perry como's christmas album - perry como (seriously)
shrink - the notwist
shame about ray - the lemonheads
star - belly
ys - joanna newsom

ooh I have to go and listen to some of these again...

Felicity said...

Re. alternativey weirdness, you can blame my Nordic chums for two of those albums! But they are the three that I won't put on if I don't have an hour to hear it properly :) I do also have Steps Greatest Hits, but left that off for the same reason Ian isn't allowed Abba Gold.

Em's mum said...

Nina Simone's greatest hits
Beatles - Rubber Soul
Simon & Garfunkle - Bridge over Troubled Water.
I'm clearly older than you!

@EmVicW said...

Not clearly older than me at all mum - I had a Fleetwood Mac album!

And Nina Simone isn't allowed because its a greatest hits.

The other two though - fabulous choices.

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