Monday, March 30, 2009

Evidence of insanity

Those of my readers who know me personally will, by the end of this post, discover their jaw resting on the desk/floor. Those who don't know me, but regularly pop in for a read may find they have a similar reaction.

Why? you are wondering. What could Emily possibly have to reveal that will so shock and stun her dedicated readers?

Check this out:
Yes, it is a pair of trainers. Or to use the Australian lingo - runners. They are *my* runners. Brand sparkling new and purchased yesterday. I need them, dear reader, because I am going to be running a couple of times a week. I am going to be running a couple of times a week because I plan to take part in this year's City To Surf run.

The Sydney City To Surf takes place in August and is a 14km death-attempt (or so I am thinking) between the city centre and Bondi. It includes the famous Heartbreak Hill through Rose Bay.

I appreciate that, for many people, entering such a race is all in a days work. Ho hum, another 14km, whatever. But bear in mind that on Saturday I achieved a personal best when running for 10 mins without stopping - on a treadmill in the gym (something, I am discovering, that is much easier than road running).

I have simply never, ever run. Ever. At all. Ok, possibly I may have lost a 100 metre race on school sports day once, but after the age of 13 even the teachers didn't put me forward because I was too depressingly representative of my lazy generation.

Its a bit psychological to be honest. Noone in my family does this sort of thing, so when I would get out of breath with a few runs up and down stairs in the past I convinced myself that such exhaustive movement goes against my genetic make up. But then my brother-in-law (who didnt really do much exercise before) did the marathon, and is now a half iron-man, and I got to wondering...

My personal trainer has aleady made me so much fitter than I was before, and I really enjoy going to the gym with him. But I needed to re-motivate myself to go more than once a week, so I thought - why not a running objective?

The stupid addition of the 14km killer race was due to a few glasses of wine and a bet with my friend Brett. Brett is a founder of Dry July (the charity fundraiser where you get sponsored to stay off the booze for the whole month of July) and is using the month as pre-race preparation. I reckoned I could too.

So yes, there you have it. If your jaw didn't hit the floor in hearing I plan to run. For 14km. I heard it thud when I mentioned a sober month in July.

Please someone call the men in white suits. I think it would be for my own good.


Kitty said...

As a formerly dedicated non-runner, take it from me: you WILL get addicted!

Caroline said...

Hey, good for you Em! We do plan to resurrect Boo Running Club again now that the weather is getting better, so you will be able to join us when you come back home! And hey, it's always fun to create running playlists on your iPod for when you hit the pavements...I have one that is cleverly entitled 'fast stuff'...

Em's mum said...

Will you pay the bill for my jaw realignment?

Felicity said...

Ha ha, my running playlist is called Boo Get Fit. It hasn't been used since about September, but as the evenings get longer, I think I may have to get going again...I just need Caroline to shout at me :)

Jen said...

Ipod running playlists are essential! Are you still doing the Mother's Day Classic too, Em?

@EmVicW said...

Yes, except I haven't enrolled yet as I can't choose between the 5km and the 8km. What are you doing?

Red said...

"No one in my family does this sort of thing"... Maybe not any more, but I think you're forgetting your Boatie nut sister in that generalisation at to the fitness of your family! When you do 6 hours training a day, 6 days a week, and 2x20 minute ergs on your "day off" I will allow you that comment!

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