Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guest post!

Today, dear reader, we have a guest post! Our first ever here on TOE so I hope you are as excited as me.

It started life as an email discussion among the great and good of Boo (Letchworth Book Group to give it its full name, as I haven't mentioned it for a while) and the response from Felicity was too good to keep to a closed group. So here is Felicity's list of things which annoy her. It's gold.

Leeds United. People who make noises when they eat (inc. licking their fingers, and chewing gum). People who eat crisps in the office. Banks who phone me up and then refuse to talk to me until I have told them secret passwords. No! You rang me. It's down to you to prove that you are my bank, and if you were, surely you would have this information already? Now go away and stop wasting my time.

Anyone who swears at children (to them, not just in their hearing). People who play their music in the summer so loudly that I can hear it with my windows closed. Hollyoaks. Any music video where I have to see someones thong. Overuse of text language. People who park in front of my garage, and then sigh when I ask them to move their car. Days when the post hasn't arrived by lunchtime. The fact that the bins are only taken out once a fortnight.

Made up names. Ryanair. Anyone who can see I am trying to park in a space who thinks it will help if they drive up right behind me so I can't reverse in. Food in what I see as unnatural combinations e.g. fruit in cheese, or saltanas in curry. First Capital Connect, who thank me for choosing to travel with them. I didn't. You're the only train line I can use from here.

The continuity man on radio 4 with a really affected voice. The fact that my great uncle Frank will only call me and my sibs by our full names, even though they are never used by family 'Ah, is that Melissa Anne?' instead of Liss, for example, even though his name is actually Ernest, and he insists on being called Frank.
Have a lovely weekend!


Jen said...

That is indeed gold. Very amusing!

Melissa said...

I heart felicity.

(but anyone who calls me Liss will get stabbed).

Felicity said...

I wouldn't dare, Melissa, and that was before the stabbing threat :)

I do feel better now my fury has been distributed to a wider audience.

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