Monday, March 16, 2009

How to fall in love with your city all over again

... play tour guide to your friend.

No seriously!

After an amazing holiday which rates both as my best holiday ever *and* the best week of my life (more on that to come) one of my new friends from the tour, Anna, came to stay with me for two nights in Sydney. Flying in late in the afternoon on Saturday and heading out early Monday for surf camp I was tasked with the job of making her love Sydney more than Brisbane, Adelaide or Melbourne in the hopes she would move here.

Saturday evening we went with Polly, Erin and Ruth for noodles and dumplings (she had never had either before, weird Italians) then met up with Kylie to see Josh Pyke at The Metro. Josh was fabulous and Anna fell in love with the violinist/guitarist/keyboard/general musical genius, which scored a big thumbs up on the evening.

On Sunday morning we were up and about with the sun and I am proud to say we squeezed in all of the below in just one day:

- Breakfast
- 389 (coolest bus in the world) to Hyde Park
- Walk through the botanical gardens (seeing the bats on the way)
- Farm Cove view of the Opera House in the sunshine (she actually gasped on seeing it!)
- Walk around the Opera House to Circular Quay and into The Rocks
- Susannah Place museum (I have wanted to go for ages and loved it, although when the tour guide was trying to paint the picture of poverty in the 1930s pointing at a full length tin bath in a special shed I couldn't help but scoff, knowing my mum's tin bath hung on the wall of their back yard in the 1950s back home!)
- The Australian pub for gourmet pizza
- Walk to Darling Harbour
- Much needed coffee (she is Italian afterall...)
- The monorail (urgh) loop
- Walk to Circular Quay again
- Ferry to Watsons Bay
- Walk along Camp Cove (such a pretty beach!)
- Walk around the South Head with the view back over the harbour
- Bus back to Bondi
- Admiring Bondi Beach from the shelter of the Lifesavers Club due to sudden downpour
- Walk back from the beach to mine
- Quick shower and change before heading out for sushi at Sushi Train Bondi Junction (she agrees that it is indeed the best sushi in the world and we broke all my records, eating 15 plates between us!!)
- Train into the city for a cocktail at Orbit, the 360 degree revolving bar in Australia Square - night time views over the city.
- Home in bed at 11.30pm

All in all a very packed day, a great way to spend the last day of my holiday before I landed back at my desk, and a good enough tour to convince Anna that Sydney is The Place To Be.

Watch this space - I may have a housemate in a couple of weeks!


Johnny Rotten said...

That's one busy day.

But there's one burning question: have you told Sasan?

@EmVicW said...

Told Sasan what Mr Johnny? Are you being cheeky?

Kitty said...

God I love the pizzas at The Australian!

Melissa said...

dollface! we need a status update re: last line of that post!!!!

@EmVicW said...

But I don't have one yet! Its only been a week so no news yet!

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