Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Having lived in Sydney for 9 months now, I am happy to report I still have no trace of an Australian accent.

However I have noticed that I am beginning to pick up some Aussie phrases.

Words and phrases I am adopting (for better or worse!)
No worries (excessive use is annoying even me)
How're you going? (Meant to mean How are you?... not a question relating to transport options)
Eggplant (I just try not to over think it because its a bloody weird name)

Words and phrases I am not adopting (and possibly don't understand)
Props (as in, props to the firemen for doing a good job) Wha?
Pants (to describe trousers)
Singlet (to describe a vest top)
Manchester (to describe bedding, towels and stuff)
Dooner (for duvet)
Unit (I would call it a flat. Americans would call it an apartment)
Sanger (sandwich still works for me just fine)
Snag (sausage)
Overseas ("I am going overseas". Abroad works)

I may update this list and repost in a few more months.


Kitty said...

That would be 'doona', ya flamin' galah!

Ross Hill said...

Fighting a losing battle, you'll succumb soon enough :)

@EmVicW said...

I know you are right Ross because I posted a comment on a blog today which started, "Props to Honda... "

And so it begins...

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