Monday, April 27, 2009


This morning when I woke up the nice lady on the radio told me it was going to be a fine day, highs of 19 degrees.

"That's cold" I thought, and I dressed in stockings, knee high leather boots and a jumper (plus other articles of course, a skirt and suchlike).

As I went to walk out of the front door she downward revised to 17 degrees.

I nipped back into my bedroom to grab a scarf.


Kitty said...

Loves it! If you were in the UK you'd have your shoes off and be sunning yourself in Hyde Park!

Felicity said...

Ha, 13 C here today, with quite heavy rain. I wore trousers, a vest top and an elbow length black cardi, with a scarf in my bag in case it turned didn't :)

26 C in Turkey last week, and my colleague refused to leave the office without her little (and probably fake) fur jacket, in case she caught some kind of disease from the unnatural chill in the air..

Katy Ludditt said...

I'm leaving Dubai on a weekend when temperatures are forecast to hit 47...for Istanbul where it is about 15 and probably raining. I can't remember what 15 feels like so have no idea what to pack...and I don't know where my brolly is.

It's very worrying.

Also a fabulously British conversation to be having. Love it!

@EmVicW said...

15 degrees?? Wear everything you own.

It's been raining here the last two days which gave me further proof of my acclimatisation... I don't permenantly carry a brolly anymore!

Got rather wet... and then had to borrow one from my Aussie friend. I could lose my British citizenship for such behaviour.

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