Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The following items have vanished from the care of the postal services between the UK and Australia:

- One care package of chocolate
- Two BBC History magazines (two replacements have finally arrived - thanks Phil!)
- One monthly care package from lovely sister Edwina
- One easter card from other lovely sister Liz
- Reckon a letter from my dad too as have received only one in the last month and he writes them weekly.

Really unimpressed. Nothing to make you feel further from home that a shite postal service.


Katy Ludditt said...

I hear ya hon! Since arriving in Dubai not one card (claimed to have been...) sent by my family has arrived unless hand delivered by a visiting friend or relative - that makes for one hell of an expensive stamp! A couple of random cards have thankfully arrived for birthdays or Christmas. If you think Australia's postal system is rubbish, you should try living here in the desert. When only one in about fifty roads have names, there is little wonder that nothing arrives where it should!!

Edwina said...

Did the Easter card from Molly arrive? x

@EmVicW said...

Nope. Something else to add to the list.

I am getting *nothing* *at* *all*.


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