Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pirates - just for Boo

This post can be seen in two ways. Think of it as a hologram. Or one of those 3D image things. Except if you aren't in Boo you will just see a flat picture. But its a nice flat picture, so I think thats OK.


One of my favourite blogs is Indexed. Every morning Mr or Mrs Indexed (whoever they are) posts a graph showing a graphical representation of random things. Some of my favourite recent graphs have shown how poverty + materialism + desire for status = babies with pierced ears, the effect sunny days have on the sale of running shoes, and where on a chart and how exactly Insomnia becomes beautiful (when watching sunsets and sunrises overlap).

Yes I know, it sounds weird, but it makes me chuckle.

But anyway today was a rather factually accurate one which made me think of Boo and our love of sharing pirate related stories. Apparently we are in for good times:

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