Thursday, April 02, 2009

Power trip

Tomorrow the boss man goes on holiday and he has handed temporary power of THE WORLD (of Kinetics) to me. I shall, for the next couple of weeks, go by the title Honorable Lady Madam Acting Managing Director (or something similar). I get power over petty cash and other such glamorous undertakings.

I just sent out a tweet asking for suggestions for ways in which my new found power trip should manifest itself and the replies are pouring in. They are making me giggle so I will share them with you...

- Get your minions to create you a throne made from your clients' products
- Walk into the office and make @KdeR reorganise your bookshelf by book colour
- Get someone to do coffee runs for u and fill up your water bottle when its empty and, ensure that the cheese and wine comes out in a nice platter at 3pm
- Get everyone into the boardroom, ask them to pick who should go, let them argue, send them out, bring them in and say 'You're fired'
- Make some senior people clean your car :)
- Make everyone use the term 'egregarious' in everything they write
- Get them to make you a coffee :)
- Oh... PERFECT way to express your power... Go buy heaps of IKEA stuff and get staff to assemble them for you.
- Have a gold statue of yourself erected outside your office door. Make people bow as they walk past it.

I love a lot of these ideas and may try a good many of them out. I do need a lightbulb for my IKEA lamp....


pollyemj said...

Disappointed to see my tweet did not make it here:
"I plan on being the bane of your existance"

Felicity said...

Collect a tithe from your workers. I would.

@EmVicW said...

Felicity I think that is called 'bullying for lunch money'.

That said... its a rather good idea.

Nicole said...

Same here! Although only until Thursday (ok, Tuesday, if you count the Easter weekend in). I've already announced that I'll signt stuff in return of appropriate bribes. But...what constitutes an appropriate bribe? I'll think I'll favour highes bidders ;-)

@EmVicW said...

Oooh congratulations Nicole

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