Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As if I am not bad enough at posting...

... I have gone and started another blog.

I know what you are thinking. You, my long suffering readers, will have to queue up just a little bit longer to get any attention from me.

Well hopefully not, but also I am hoping that you will be jolly interested in my new venture too!

You can see it over here (click on the word 'here'...).

You see, I have been talking a lot of feminism over here recently and wanted to make a specialist home for those thoughts. Firstly to give them the recognition, time and space that they merit, but also because excessive blogging on one particular topic is not the name of the game over here at TOE.

So go on, pop over to A Woman's Writes and have a look around. And join in the conversation. Its only day two of my new blog's life and already it has had more than 50 visitors, 6 comments and its own Twitter profile.

Should be fun!

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