Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dry July

A couple of my pals set up a charity fundraiser a couple of years back; Dry July.

This year it will be bigger and better than ever - going national across Australia for the first time.

The idea is to sponsor people to stay off the booze for the month of July, raising money for cancer charities. In New South Wales our beneficiary is the Prince Of Wales Hospital (my local).

Those of you who know me will know that laying off the grog for a whole month is going to be tough. I am hoping that regular readers who don't know me will also join in the fun. Consider it a small donation to thank me for sharing my random thoughts with you - aha.. you didn't realise there were strings attached did you?

You can sponsor my efforts here on the Dry July site. I will keep you updated on my progress through the month!


Em's mum said...

Em, for those of us in Blighty - what's the exchange rate?

@EmVicW said...

Jolly good point mum! £1 is about $2 at the moment :)

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