Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Light Up The World With A Smile today

When I was little I had a brilliant plan to become Prime Minister. I was going to run for election on the back of a ‘Light Up Britain With A Smile’ campaign. The premise was simple. I would smile at a couple of people in the street. They would be bitten by the smiley bug and would in turn smile. Their smiles would be seen by two more people and the smile would spread quickly around the world. Because everyone smiles unconsciously in response to a random person smiling as they go about their day. Smiles are infectious.

I would of course use some nice media interviews to make sure everyone knew I started the smile, and because everyone had become so cheerful they would all vote for me without a second thought because everyone likes to be happy. And anyone who can make the country smile deserves the top job.

That was the idea. And I still stand by the premise today (even if advancing years have lost me some of my faith in the way the good folk of Britain would vote – a lot of them seem to like hateful holocaust deniers at the moment).

I was reminded of this all this morning as I was walking to Bondi Junction station on my way to work. A young man was walking towards me with a big beaming grin on his face. Not a psycho grin, but a bloomin’ big smile like he just heard some great news. It was the unashamedness of his happiness that made me smile too. I don’t know if he saw that he made me smile, I had walked past him by then, but the straight-faced guy behind him saw my big smile and goodness knows what that made him do. I hope he caught the bug and smiled at the woman behind me...

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