Friday, July 31, 2009

Perfect wellies

I have never really liked the new trend for fashion wellies. You know the ones I mean... pink with big flowers, or zebra prints, or somesuch.

I have blogged previously on a number of occasions about my wellies (sadly left behind locked in my garden shed in the UK) as my favourite pair of shoes. And its a hard fought competition with a lot of contestants in the rack.

I refer to my wellies as I-could-marry-a-farmer wellies because they are slushy green and do their job without ostentatious fanfare.

But this pair is really rather cool and I believe that they could make my pal Elle edge a little away from her towering stillettos and towards my prefered mode of pedi-transportation. The Jimmy Choo Hunter welly. Pretty fabulous.


Almost a Lady said...

Oh good lord. I want these SO badly. I'm seriously considering making these the Very Shallow Thing that I've been planning to do this weekend.

And it'd be a practical purchase too... since my much-loved zebra print pair have sprung a leak ;)

@EmVicW said...

oooooh do it!!

liz said...

mine are red joules wellies with stars on and i love them.. however i would prefer a pair like phoebes... orange with hedgehogs on and a puddleometer up the back.

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