Monday, November 23, 2009

When I met Henry VIII

I don’t often blog about things I have been up to. Even when I used to blog lots, I tended to tell you all about things I thought, or that other people said.

However this weekend The Boy and I went to Hampton Court Palace and had a fabulous time, so I thought I would mention it. We did all the audio tours all over the palace, and learnt that pies were originally invented as an oven dish, so you are supposed to tear the top off, eat the middle and chuck the pastry away. We saw the Henry VIII stuff (throughout which I insisted on boring The Boy with my deep Tudor knowledge (gained half from BBC History Magazine and half from excessive reading of Philippa Gregory books). We saw William and Anne, we saw the Georgian bits. We played in the maze (Luke lost me and left me wandering for 10 mins alone between box hedges trying to find the centre, which made me giggle a lot). We wandered in the gardens and saw the world’s oldest and biggest vine...

AND I SAW HENRY VIII! No I really did! He was all dressed up and wandering through his palace on his way to his wedding to Kateryn Parr. I curtseyed (I really did!) while Luke loitered in a corner, scared because the guide book said he has a tendency to shout at rude courtiers. We saw him again coming out of the Royal Chapel with his new queen on his arm and looking very cheerful. Was bloomin’ good fun.

And the best bit? Well not only is Hampden Court our ‘local’ palace (just 15 mins drive down the road), and not only have they nearly finished constructing the pictureskew ice skating rink out the front, but the gardens are entirely free all winter! That’s 1st October till the 31st March ... totally free (except the maze, but we have done that now...)

So we can wander back for more fun (pretending to be Tudors, or Georgians or whoever else we fancy) any time we like J.

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Sheila said...

Do you remember going with Cecile on the French exchange? You both marched up and down and then took up position in the guard boxes. I'm surprised they let you back in.

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