Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - a recap

I realised today that 2009 could possibly have been my best year ever.
So before we kick the year to the kerb I thought it deserved a quick

I kick started the year with a trip; Alice Springs, Uluru, the Olgas,
Kings Canyon, Coober Pedy and Adelaide, the Barossa, Grampians, Great
Ocean Road and Melbourne.

The V festival, cocktails with pals, sunny days in Bondi. Brunches.

I met two great friends at a chocolate making class just as 2008 ended
and spent 2009 getting to know them even better (while auditioning the
chocolate cafes of Sydney).

My first Australia Day celebrations saw me kitted out in full Aussie
flag and wash-off tattoos.

Then I got into gym-going. My personal trainer Daniel got me fit and
lythe and in March I bought proper running shoes. I felt healthier
than I can remember ever feeling before.

I got into feminism.

Professionally I learnt how to network, created a PR networking group
in Sydney and really began to use Twitter socially (making some of my
best friends through Twitter networking and even my boyfriend!)

Fell in love. First with luke, then his family.

Did the soppy things you do when in love, like driving for an hour to
have breakfast by a beach... When you live 10 mins walk away from
breakfast places by Bondi beach. Also went to Canberra. Less soppy.

I went a month without drinking (kinda) for my mate's charity
fundraiser Dry July which frankly spelt the beginning of the end for
my excessive boozing.

I took a holiday to magnetic island off the coast of Queensland -
stunning and empty.

I learnt to knit.

Got a fab new job back in the uk.

Went to an old friend's wedding on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays.

Headed out for my big travel adventure; Perth, the west coast
including Karajini and the Ningaloo reef, Broome, the Kimberley,
Darwin, Lichfield and Kakadu, Fraser Island and all over Tassie.

'Emigrated' home to the UK with boy in tow. Bought new car, rented
cute house, started great job...

... Slowly began to catch up with friends, old and new.

And here we are at the end of the year. My weekends involve trips
around the UK and next year Venice and Paris are to come (Luke and I
think alike for Xmas pressies!).

Gosh I lived this year.


C Agius said...

I would have 2009 was definitely the best year so far too. I hope 2010 will bring you more happiness!


C Agius said...

I would have to say 2009 was definitely the best year so far too. I hope 2010 will bring you more happiness!

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