Monday, December 21, 2009

The haunting

On Saturday morning I went downstairs and then decided to take a christmas tree chocolate back upstairs for Luke. So I started the Christmas tree chocolate (CTC) hunt - you know the one... where you scan the branches in a systematic manner, helped by landmarks such as the red angel, or blown fairy light bulb, to locate the precious chocolate decorations.

But a short scan later (its not a massive tree) it became apparent that there were no xmas chocolates left. Just seven little gold strings hanging over seven branches.

I went upstairs, ready to accuse; "Did you eat all the Christmas tree chocolates? I have had two and there are at least seven missing from the tree..."

But Luke denied pinching any.

We both headed downstairs to look and there were indeed no CTCs left on the tree. We counted; Luke had had one, and I had had two. We looked under the tree in case they had fallen, leaving their strings hanging. Nothing.

We looked all around the room. Nothing. Thoughts of chocolate stealing burglars occured to me. Even this story came to mind.

We even got to the point of considering the possibility that our old cottage might be haunted by the ghost of a chocolate lover... then Luke found a wrapper.

Hiding behind the curtain, this wrapper was remarkably undamaged. Until you looked closer. And then you could see lots of pinprick holes. Luke still looked confused but I needed no help from Jonathan Creek at this point.

A quick peer down the radiator pipe hole in the floor showed bits of foil glinting back at me, and I knew I was right.

We have no other signs of mice, but I have no doubts that one or more have been sneaking into our lounge, climbing our tree, tugging the chocolates down and taking them home for tea.

I feel quite inspired to write a children's Christmas book. But have also dispatched Luke to buy traps....

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Todd said...

Not a creature was stirring, eh? :-) Merry Christmas!

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